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What do league shooters have to say about the AIM-COMM Bullseye Pistol Leagues?

"I get to enhance my skills and be with a great group of people. I've really learned a lot and have enjoyed meeting new people. It gets my husband and I out of the house!" - Deb G. League Shooter

"Great camaraderie, relaxed atmosphere, and it's just plain fun. A chance to talk shooting and equipment with other shooters who I've found very willing to share their knowledge and ideas with you. I have met some great people." - Mike N. League Shooter

"I enjoy the friendly competition. I enjoy the time spent with people who enjoy the shooting sports." - Charles W. League Shooter

AIM-COMM's Bullseye Pistol Shooting Leagues

B3 Bullseye TargetIs the line ready? The line IS ready. Ready on the right. Ready on the left. Ready on the firing line.


AIM-COMM administers the farthest-north and the most popular indoor bullseye pistol shooting league program in Alaska. Over the years, hundreds of community members, ages 10 and older, and of all skill levels from beginner to expert, have participated in AIM-COMM's NRA-Sanctioned Bullseye Leagues.

AIM-COMM conducts the leagues in partnership with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range (HEDR), in Fairbanks, Alaska. ADF&G started the league program at the range, with the help of avid shooters, soon after the range opened. Today, AIM-COMM works to make the leagues safe, successful, and fun for all.

We invite you to learn more about the league shooting program. Read the information provided on this website or stop in at the range and inquire. Spectators are welcome during league matches. Besides being a lot of fun, participation in the leagues helps shooters improve their marksmanship, achieve levels in the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program, and earn a NRA Classification for conventional, indoor pistol! Come join us!

  • Course of Fire
  • Bullseye Guns
  • High Aggregate

Bullseye Pistol is FUN and CHALLENGING!

Course of Fire:

  • Conventional, indoor 50-feet, bullseye gallery course, off-hand (one-handed), with slow, timed, and rapid-fire
  • Centerfire (.32 to .45, no magnum ammo) OR Rimfire (.22LR) Pistol (semi-auto or revolver)
  • Iron/Open, Aperture, or Optical (scopes, red dots) sights (no laser sights)

The Details...

Bullseye pistol aggregate of targets for 50-foot indoor course of fire

AIM-COMM's Bullseye Pistol Leagues involve firing, during each match, a 90-round, three aggregate, course of fire, worth a possible 900 points and 60 Xs (an X is scored when the center, "X" ring, on either a timed-fire or rapid-fire target is hit) as follows:

  • Slow-fire: 30 shots, fired with 10 shots (with up to 10 minutes for all 10 shots) on three different B2 Slow-fire targets
  • Timed-fire: 30 shots, fired with 10 shots (two, five-shot strings, with 20 seconds per string) on three different B3 Timed-fire targets
  • Rapid-fire: 30 shots, fired with 10 shots (two, five-shot strings, with 10 seconds per string) on three different B3 Rapid-fire targets


Typically, multiple relays (with up to 10 shooters on the firing line at a time at the indoor range) are conducted, with shooters firing a complete aggregate each relay, for a total of three aggregates per match. An aggregate is worth a total possible 300 points and 20 Xs and includes:

  • One Slow-fire target (B2), with 10 shots total (with up to 10 minutes to fire all 10 shots)
  • One Timed-fire target (B3), with 10 shots total (fired in two, five-shot strings, with 20 seconds per string)
  • And, one Rapid-fire target (another B3), with 10 shots total (fired in two, five-shot strings, with 10 seconds per string)

National Match Course...

AIM-COMM's Bullseye Pistol Leagues offer just a sample of traditional bullseye, conventional pistol, shooting. National Matches are 50-yard, three-gun affairs (.22 rimfire pistol, centerfire pistol, and .45 pistol which may serve as the centerfire pistol as well), firing 90 rounds with each type of gun, for a possible 2,700 points and 180 Xs.


Curious what guns shooters use in the AIM-COMM Bullseye Leagues?

Below are just some of the guns shooters use in the leagues! From off-the-shelf to custom bullseye wadcutters, all sorts of guns are used. You don't need a "fancy" gun to shoot Bullseye. And, you can trade up or buy up as your skill and interest in the sport grows!

Benelli   32
Browning   9mm
Clark  on 45 frame 38 SPCL
Colt Government 1991 D1 45
Colt 1911 38 SPCL
Pardini   32
Smith & Wesson Model 14 Revolver 38 SPCL
Springfield 1911 45
Springfield Range Officer 1911 45
Springfield XD 9mm
Walther GSP Expert 32
Baikal IZH-35  
Beretta NEO  
Browning Buckmark  
Hammerli X-Esse  
High Standard    
Marvel conversion on 45 frame
Ruger Mark I  
Ruger Mark II  
Ruger Mark III 22/45
Ruger Mark III Target
Ruger Mark III Target w/ Volquartsen parts
Ruger SR22  
Springfield 1911 Nelson conversion
Volquartsen Olympic  
Volquartsen Scorpion  
Walther GSP Expert  
Walther P22  

High Aggregate (Bullseye Pistol)
Score of the Year for the AIM-COMM Leagues

Best score of the year out of a possible 300-20x,
for a Slow Fire (B2), Timed Fire (B3), and Rapid Fire (B3) target aggregate, fired in a league shoot.

2001 Sam Coleman 289 -
2002 Glenn Miller 290 -
2003 Steve Belmont 290 -
2004 Richard Briggs 296 -
2005  Everett Williamson 293 -
2006  Pamela Roehl 293 -
2007 Everett Williamson 294-8x -
2008 Justin Farnsworth 293-9x .22 XV
2009 Everett Williamson 295-9x .22 XVI
2010 Everett Williamson 293-7x .22 XVIII
2011 Richard Briggs 292-10x .22 XX
2012 Paul Maki 293-12x .22 XXIV
2013 Justin Farnsworth 290-6x .22 XXVIII
2014 Everett Williamson 293-10x .22 XXXI
2015 Robert Osterhaudt 285-10x .22 XXXIII
2016  Jon Skinner 292-14x .22 XXXVI
2017 Jon Skinner 296-9x  .22 XXXVIII
2018 Jon Skinner 293-9x .22 XL
2019  Landon Hawk 289-5x .22 XLIV
2020 Landon Hawk 279-6x .22 XLIX
2021 Wayne Miller 285-3x .22 LI
2022 Chilkoot Ward 288-5x .22 LIV
2023 ? ? ?

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AIM-COMM is a proud supporter of many of the valuable educational programs of the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) and the NRA's defense of our Second Amendment rights. We thank the NRA, the NRA Foundation, and the Friends of NRA, for helping us with our mission to foster the development of marksmanship, the safe and ethical use of firearms and to support and promote use of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range, in Fairbanks, Alaska. AIM-COMM is Alaska's first NRA Gold Medal Club, and is an NRA Recruiter.

Gun Handling Safety Rules:

  • ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a SAFE direction!
  • ALWAYS keep your FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER until ready to shoot!
  • ALWAYS keep the gun UNLOADED until READY TO USE!

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