January 12, 2013
Fairbanks, Alaska

The Alaska Interior Marksmanship Committee (AIM-COMM) received the Director's Public Stewardship Award from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at an AIM-COMM and Fish and Game Range banquet held Saturday, January 12, 2013. The award, issued by ADF&G Division of Wildlife Conservation director Doug Vincent-Lang, was presented by regional ADF&G wildlife conservation coordinator David James.

Vincent-Lang was unable to attend the banquet since he was attending a Board of Game meeting elsewhere in Alaska at the time but provided a written statement which James read to attendees.

"I am pleased to honor the Alaska Interior Marksmanship Committee (known as AIM-COMM) with the Director's Public Stewardship Award. AIM-COMM is a perfect example of an organization partnering with ADF&G to help provide valuable public service. For more than 12 years your organization has greatly assisted ADF&G with our mission and goals.

As a young marksman I spent many hours with volunteers learning marksmanship skills. Based on this experience I can appreciate the thousands of hours of time AIM-COMM members have volunteered to help conduct Department range events and programs. Your involvement with Alaska's NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge, and Alaska's most popular bullseye pistol shooting league program are critical towards operating these programs. Your organization is also vital to other annual shoots and events at the range, and supports the ADF&G Alaska Conservation Camp.

Thank you for keeping our shooting and hunting heritage alive.

Doug Vincent-Lang
Director, Division of Wildlife Conservation
Alaska Department of Fish and Game"

John Wyman, AIM-COMM advisor and ADF&G project director for the Fairbanks Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range, nominated AIM-COMM for the award. The award plaque is displayed at the range. AIM-COMM is Alaska's first NRA Gold Medal club.

AIM-COMM is GuideStar Approved